Board of Education

The Board of Education consists of seven members. The Barneveld School District is divided into three designated areas for purposes of representation: Town of Brigham, Village, At-Large.
Meetings are held the second Wednesday of the month at 7:30 PM in the school LMC.
All meetings are held in public, and an opportunity is granted to the public to speak on agenda topics.


Tami Bowser - President
E-Mail: tbowser@barneveld.k12.wi.us
Town of Brigham

Brad Zander - Vice-President
E-Mail: bzander@barneveld.k12.wi.us
At Large

Rhonda Mullin - Treasurer
E-Mail: rmullin@barneveld.k12.wi.us
Town of Brigham

Amy Hugill - Clerk
E-Mail: ahugill@barneveld.k12.wi.us
At Large

Peter Shatrakwa - Member
E-Mail: pshatrawka@barneveld.k12.wi.us
Town of Brigham

Tadd Owens - Member
E-Mail: owenstadd@barneveld.k12.wi.us

Jeremy Oyen - Member
E-Mail: joyen@barneveld.k12.wi.us

Brett Stousland - District Administrator
E-Mail: bstousland@barneveld.k12.wi.us

Erin Eslinger - PreK-12 Principal
E-Mail: eeslinger@barneveld.k12.wi.us

Board Committees

Facilities & Finance: Tadd Owens, Rhonda Mullin, Peter Shatrawka, Jeremy Oyen and Tami Bowser

Personnel: Amy Hugill, Peter Shatrawka, Brad Zander, and Tami Bowser.

Negotiations: Tadd Owens and Tami Bowser.

Policy: Tami Bowser, Tadd Owens and Amy Hugill.

Excellence: Brad Zander, Tadd Owens, and Tami Bowser.

Scholarship: Rhonda Mullin and Jeremy Oyen.

Tentative Diploma Presenters:  – Rhonda Mullin - High School and Tadd Owens - 8th Grade.