Pupil Services


Special Education

Family Resource Center

Respite Center

Iowa County Social Services

WI Autism Society

Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, CHADD

United Cerebral Palsy of Dane County

Down Syndrome Association and Resource Center of WI

International Rett Syndrome Foundation

Unified Community Services

Suicide intervention, prevention, awareness and education

National Alliance on Mental Illness - Wisconsin

Department of Vocational Rehabilitation Services Iowa County

Wisconsin Statewide Parent-Educator Initiative

Family Engagement Services and Assistance.CESA 3


608 266-3390

608 935-7300

(608) 244-5700

(608) 930-9801

(920) 558-4602

(301) 306-7070

(608) 273-4434

(608) 692-7653


For Emergencies (608) 362-5717


(608) 375-2541

(608) 935-2694

(715) 682-2363



Wi Dept. of Public Instruction outlines the special education process and laws.

RC Offers parent support group, workshops, and classes, new parent programs, playgroups for toddlers and preschoolers, family activity events.

Provides emergency and planned respite support to families.

Multiple services that support families.

Autism and Related Disorders.

Information and resources about Down Syndrome.

Information and support and Birth to 3 services.

Information and resources about Down Syndrome.

Information about Rett Syndrome.

Support Program utilizing a collaborative approach by psychiatrists, psychiatric mental health.

Suicide Prevention and Intervention.

Mental Health Disorders and Treatment.

Supports individuals with disabilities to gain meaningful employment.

Creating Partnerships Between Parents and Educators for Students with Disabilities

A resource for parents of children with disabilities and for district staff.

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